Microtechnica will supply all your consumables that you will need to support your Particle Counter or TOC analyser.

Paper Rolls


uT-0035 - Met One 3313/3315, PMS MiniLaz 310/510, Malvern APC300,


                 PMS Lasair 310/510, Anatel A1000 (DPU411 printer), Climet CI500.


uT-0279 - Met One 3413/15 , Met One 3423/25 and PMS Lasair II 310/510/550.


uT-0057 - Met One 2400/2408, 237A, Malvern MPC3104/5104.


uT-0058 - Lighthouse Solair 3100/5100.


uT-0352 - Hiac/Royco 8000/8000A, 5230/5250

Particle Counter Caps


uT-0108 - Met One 2400/2408, Malvern MPC3104/5104,


                 Lighthouse Solair 3100/5100, Remote 5104, Handheld 3016/5016


uT-0117 - Met One 3313/3315, Hiac Royco 243A/245A



uT-0169 - Met One 227A/B/C, 237A

TOC Standards and Spares



Microtechnica supply TOC Standards and consumables at a very competitive price.


These include kits for Calibration, System Suitability, Conductivity and UV Lamps.
We offer a very quick turnaround on orders


All standards are fully accredited to UKAS and made to order.