Microtechnica supplies particle counters and TOC analysers from Beckman Coulter to suit all of your application needs.


Our instruments are backed up by our fully comprehensive after sales service and support.


All our air particle counters are fully ISO 21501-4 compliant as required by the MHRA and FDA.




Hiac 9703+


Built on the foundation of the world’s best selling liquid particle counter, the new HIAC 9703+ provides user-friendly features that save valuable operator time.


Key Features:


Use less sample – industry’s smallest tare volume


Enjoy more walk away time – automated cleaning routines


Preconfigured compendial test recipes for injectable drugs, ophthalmic solutions and inhalants


Bubble and sensor contamination alarms eliminate uncertainty from data anomalies


Met One 3400 Series


The Met One 3400 Series has been designed to meet the requirements of


ISO 21501. This 21CFR part 11 compliant instrument features a touch screen operated menu that allows one touch operation when setting locations and taking samples which saves time and promotes ease of use. The 3400 series instruments are available in 1.0 CFM, 50 LPM or 100 LPM flow rates




The MET ONE HHPC 6+ is a full featured six channel handheld particle counter designed for a wide range of tasks in high technology cleanroom manufacturing environments such as semiconductor or flat panel display manufacturing.  The unique cradle provides convenient PC access to particle counting data via Ethernet or USB cable while ensuring that the HHPC 6+ is fully charged and ready for use at all times.